Cleansing Ritual To Clear a Space

If your life feels stuck or things just aren’t going according to plan, you may find that clearing a space and yourself can clear away and solve problems, change the vibration of space and a person. The result of a space cleansing is a lighter feeling room, a space that is filled with harmonies energy.

Items you may need

  1. Smudge Stick (usually come in a variety of herbs) most commonly recognize is sage. The spirit of sage has the power to drive out negative energies, spirits, and influences. Other herbs to use and their descriptions are below.
    • Sweetgrass is used to attract positive energy and to aid healing after all the negativity has been removed by sage.
    • Cedar – Deeply purifying herb especially useful for clearing negative emotion and healing.
    • Mugwort- stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams. It also aids in removing unwanted spirits.
    • Juniper – Used to purify and create a safe and sacred space
    • Yerba Santa – Used to purify and to set and protect boundaries
    • Rosemary – A powerful healer that
      brings clarity
  2. Candles: A lighted candle represents the element of fire. In Native North American culture fire is considered sacred to the gods. Fire brings light, courage, and purity of intent.
  3. Crystals: They symbolize the strength and
    healing of the earth. Crystals are tools that extend the power of intent and maintain long after a ritual has been completed. There are many different types of crystals. Each type of crystal has its own unique characteristics and will thus aid us in different ways. You will need to cleanse your crystal before using it in order for it to be effective. –Below are a few sites that provide information on the various crystals on their use & how to cleanse them etc...
  4. Lavender Oil: Aromatherapy oils have the ability to affect both our physical bodies and our emotions. Lavender has traditionally been used to restore balance and create a peaceful atmosphere in the home.
  5. A small ceramic or stone bowl or a large shell – This will be used to place your smudge stick. Put a little sand in the bottom so that can safely extinguish the stick after use.
  6. A large feather to waft the smudge
  7. Oil Burner
  8. Bells, signing bowls, drums and or rattles – which when played throughout a space it will assist in shifting the energy in a room.

If you are clearing a new home or space you should ensure that there is nothing old left from previous owners. Before performing a spiritual cleansing in a home or space ensure that you clean and remove all clutter first.

Space Clearing Ritual

  1. Before you start to cleanse your home ensure you have some windows and/or doors open. This important as the energies need to be released from out of your home.
  2. Light an unused black candle and also a white candle place it somewhere in your home where it won’t fall ( black candle absorb harsh energies) (a white candle will bring in light & clarity )
  3. To cleanse a space light your smudge stick and walk around each room wafting the smoke into each corner of your home or space. If you don’t have a feather you can motion the smoke with your hand, this way you can direct the smoke where to go.
  4. Call on your Guides, Angels, Source energy, the Universal energies whatever term you feel comfortable with and ask them to “drive away all negativity from each room” as you walk throughout the space saying your prayer or affirmations over and over as you go to each corner of the home.
  5. If you are moving into a new home walk around smudge each corner of the house asking the house “to reconstruct its energy in favor of your energy and highest good. “over and over until you complete the clearing.
  6. Make sure you do that for every corner, wall, doorway, closet window and in every room, bathroom, basement, garage, and attic. Be sure to move the sage and smoke over, around and under the furniture, etc...
  7. When you are done smudging, grab your bell, drum or rattle and go back to each corner of the home creating sound with your instrument and as you do this, ask for harmony and balance to fill each space of your home.
  8. You are now done throw out the brunt parts of your smudge sticks. If you choose you can now burn some incense or lavender oil and relax. Your home should now be much more balanced.





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