How to Manifest Your Desires

Intention-> Direct Focus -> Concentration -> Surrendering

Manifesting your desires requires that you get very clear on what you are wanting to manifest and the motivation behind your desire for something.

Everything that we want in life is ultimate because we are trying to feel better so the clearer we get on the motivation, on the (WHY) behind our desire, the easier it will be too manifest.

A lot of times we want something but there are a lot of negative beliefs surrounding the things we are trying to bring towards us. This leads us to have very conflicted unclear emotions which means we are usually then sending out two different vibrational signals towards the very thing we are trying to attract to us...

Remember where focus goes energy flows, so if your focus and energies are opposing each other it makes it more difficult for you to line up with what you truly want.

Before you can even begin to manifest you have to clear out your motivational mechanism and ensure that your beliefs are in alignment with what you want.

You can’t want something and the same time feel that you don’t deserve it, believe it can happen or shame something you secretly want...

Energies of fear, doubt, guilt, judgment will not bring you the things you are trying to manifest if anything it will keep them away.

Once you are clear on your motivations and you know what you want is truly in alignment with your passion then you can start manifesting by doing these rituals every day.

How to manifest, start by creating a ritual for manifesting your desires:

  • Set your intention and create the picture of what you want through your focus and through concentrating on the feeling you would have if you already had what you wanted
  • Visualize it by bringing your focus to it daily and put your self in that emotional state consistently.
    • Speak of it in present terms.
    • Affirm it through writing
    • Visualize it at night around your bedtime or in the morning before you start your day.
  • Looks for ways in which you can already begin to take action towards it
  • Bring awareness to your inner voice by taking action on what you feel within.
  • You have to believe in your vision that it will happen.
    • There cannot be any room for doubt, even if others around you don’t believe you have to believe even more that you can it to you.

However, while you are doing all of this you have to let go of the idea of how it will manifest. Don’t give the “how” much thought. Just take action on the things you can do right here, right now. Start moving in the direction of what it is that you want, through your actions, speech and emotional state.

As a matter of fact, the more you can put your self in the state of feeling as if you already have it through visualization then you can’t possibly focus on not having it or how it will come because you’re in that state of having through the feelings and emotions you are producing within. This will then allow the Higher Self and Universe to work with you in bringing you your
manifestation and this is where your intuition comes into play. Your Higher Self will be guiding your steps through your intuition, that how it speaks to you.

Keep in mind that at times the picture that will manifest will differ from what you saw in your mind’s eye but the outcome will be what you wanted and even more than anything you could have imagined. So visualize but don’t become too attached to the picture in your mind eye.

Our beliefs determine the amount of action will take towards something and the amount of action we take will reinforce our belief. This why we need to look at and ensure that beliefs are serving us. We must also consistently feed ourselves in order to become our Highest Self and to continue to break through our own personal barriers...

So to take this concept of manifesting your desires a step further from a different perspective have a look at this video to learn why some people take massive actions and others do not.

To further help you on how to manifest your desires below are some additional articles in understanding how we create our reality.



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