How to Not Get Overwhelmed

We live in a world where we are constantly juggling a multitude of things all at the same time, while focusing constantly on the future outcomes rather than just being present with what we are doing and allowing the rest to just unfold as it may.

It’s no wonder we become overwhelmed from time to time...

If you are trying to create something and you must struggle, push, and work hard to force things to happen with the little result then, you are not following the Higher Will of your Higher Self. A couple of obstacles may come up to provide you with the opportunity to become stronger while gaining a clearer direction on your goals.

However, if you keep exerting a lot of energy and you continue to find that you are coming up against walls, closed doors and you’re constantly exhausted, drained by your efforts or you simply are doing something because you think you have no other choice. Then this is a sign that it is time for you to take a step back and check-in with yourself, listen to what your inner voice is guiding you to do. See when you are in flow with your Higher Self there will be balance energy between the feeling that you are using your own will and that of your Higher Will to create results.

When we work with our Higher Self (the higher mind) in balance with our own will ( physical mind) you will usually learn that there are easier ways to do things, then if you just pushing through it all without every stopping to check in with yourself.

How to Not Get Overwhelmed

Practice performing one task at a time, breaking things down into small chunks rather than focus on the whole picture and trying to get everything done simultaneously. Let your mantra become “one step at a time”

Keeping your attention focused on what you are doing right now, instead of what you think you should be doing or could be doing. Focusing our energy in the present moment, focusing only on the tasks at hand will reduce anxiety and that feeling of being overwhelmed.

When your thoughts try to take you into a lopping of negative thoughts, recognized it and stop them on their tracks by not feeding into them. You can use the power of breath to bring you to a calm and centered space.

Check-in with yourself, when you are stuck, exerting too much energy without much result it is time to check-in and ask yourself:

What else could I do at this moment that will feel good to me?

What else can I do at the moment that will be for my highest good?



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