Do you struggle with anxiety, letting go, always needed to try and make things happen? 

A little over two years ago, I had to learn the value of spiritual surrender and by no means was it an easy process when I was going through it. But I will say it is one of the most enriching experiences, it taught me a lot and once I gave into the process, it actually became fun.

My process of spiritual surrender began when

 I returned to the states after spending a little over a year traveling solo around the globe. It was a huge adjustment for me.

Just imagine being in a different country and city every couple of weeks. On the constant move, always experiencing something new, meeting different people, living moment to moment without any responsibility.

To all of a sudden, I found myself back in Miami living at my mother’s house (which btw I had been on my own for the last seven years)  starting all over again. At least that’s what it felt like, at the moment. (But the truth is I wasn’t really starting over.)

I was, however, building from the ground up, only now it was on a – new level – even if though at the moment it doesn’t quite appear that way.

Man, I had so many mixed emotions after returning home from my travels-I felt like a total failure. 

I had no idea what I was going to do with myself or rather what I wanted to do. But after a month of moping around and feeling sorry for myself ( I stopped running away from my emotions) with the help of a friend and my spirit guides, I began the process of spiritual surrender.  

I learned that if anything was to change – I first would need to accept where I was and what I was feeling and then I would have to surrender to it. 

Eventually, I stopped fighting against being where I didn’t want to be. I started to notice that my resistance was actually part of my lesson to acceptance.

As I accepted where I was and what I feared, I, then surrender to my fears by trusting that where I currently found myself was exactly where I needed to be; even though I didn’t understand “how” I would get to where I wanted to be, from where I was.


And let me tell you the moment I accepted what I could not change and I surrender to it, everything in my life started to change and quickly. I picked up momentum and before I knew it I found myself exactly where I wanted to be. And I didn’t have to make anything happen, the path revealed itself to me in time.



I remember my first paid coaching experiencing, where a client had scheduled with me a session, And usually payment needs to be made 24 to 48 hours in advance prior to our session. 

I remember feeling a little anxious as this was my first client, a day before our session I had an inkling to want to email the client once more to re-confirm our session, even though we had already confirmed the day before. 

I had to catch myself and recognize that my intention at that moment for emailing them was based out of fear. I wanted to email them because I was afraid they were going to cancel and I wasn’t going to have a client. 

It wasn’t until I recognized what was happening inside of me that I felt it and accepted it.  I had to admit to myself “Hey Stephanie, I’m kinda scared right because I am very excited to have my first client, but I’m afraid they might cancel”

At that moment as I admitted to myself was happening inside of me and accepted it, I did not email the client. Instead, I surrender to my fear, to the real possibility that, hey, they might cancel. I might not have a client and I have to be okay with that. Once I actually accepted what was and surrender to it, no lie within an hour later I received an email payment confirmation.



  1. BRING AWARENESS TO YOUR INTENTION Look at the intention behind your need, desire or action.  Then admit to yourself where you are, and what you fear. Admittance is required before you can accept something.
  2. ACCEPT WHERE YOU ARE AND ACCEPT THE POSSIBILITY THAT WHAT YOU FEAR MAY HAPPEN. Acceptance means to be okay with where you are. Acceptance allows the energy around you to loosen up and bring about the changes you desire. Oftentimes what people do is admit where they are but then right away they try to change things without accepting it, which creates a sh*t ton of resistance for you. Basically you need to not only accept where you are but once you’ve brought awareness to what you fear you also need to accept the possibility of that fear.


  1. SURRENDER TO YOUR FEAR, KNOWING THAT WHAT YOU FEAR MAY HAPPEN. THIS IS WHAT TRUST LOOKS LIKE. Surrendering is the ability to go through your fears and trusting that whatever happens, even if it happens to be the thing you fear; that it is for your highest good.

It is about taking that thing you’re afraid of, that problem you think you have to solve or that unmet longing in your heart for that thing you want but don’t yet have—and turning it over to your Higher Self and to the Universe by trusting you’ll be okay regardless of the outcome.



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