How to Trust your Inner Voice Despite Fear

Dear InnerWorld,

I’m sitting outside of Starbucks with the sun shining on me, there is a nice breeze and just the right amount of heat on my face. It is quiet today no one is sitting outside and the only sounds you hear are those of passing cars. I enjoy being outdoors especially when the sun is out. I can’t express enough how something as simple as the sun, can bring so much pleasure.

There are many changes taking place in my life, though I always welcome and embrace change it’s not always the easiest path. Last night it started to hit me. When I officially told my landlord that I was moving out at the end of this month. The realization of leaving and releasing all the final pieces of my life began to set in...

As I sat in bed, I turned over to Mr. Buddha who was laying down. He looked at me and my eyes began to tear up. Knowing that soon we’ll no longer be together. Every time I look at him it's heart-breaking. To know that I have to let him go, after six years of raising him. He’s been my son, my little man and my best friend.

I’ve learned so much with him and through him. He has been the only constant man in my life for the last six years (sounds silly, but it’s true) He’s made me feel safe and protected. He showed me new ways of communication and has loved me unconditionally and in return allowed me to share all my love with him.

He is one of the most in-tune dogs I’ve come across. As you look into his eyes one can see the knowingness and awareness of his old soul, with the air of an inner child that likes to come out to play every now and then. Like his mother, our spirits are very similar.  I know he was meant to be with me and be my little guide.

Looking towards the future that awaits us both...

Though now, I have to let him go in order to follow my voice and be on-purpose. I wish I could take him with me overseas backpacking but I know it’s not very practical. It takes courage to follow your inner voice where ever it may lead. In following your inner voice, you will be led to let go of the life you’ve planned in order to step into the one that is waiting for YOU. The act of letting go is never easy but the more you do it the less and less attached you get to the things around you.

In the last three years, I’ve let go of much of my familiar. I let go of a relationship & the man who I loved very much. A man that showed me a kind of love, affection, admiration, and protection that I had been needing for a long time. Actually I will say still love because real love never dies it simply changes forms.

Letting go of ‘us’ was one of the most painful and difficult decisions I’ve had to make. Though, I don’t regret my decision. It has brought me to where I am today within myself and the immense amount of growth I’ve experienced is priceless.

Within the last year, I’ve sold almost everything I own, now I’m in the process of letting go of the reminder of my possessions. With the exception of my clothes and books. What can I say this girl loves her fashion and books...

I’m selling my car as well, it’s the first car I bought on my own and we’ve had some great times together. I love driving her on a Sunday afternoon with the top down, the sun in my face with the music blasting and us simply cursing around the city in sheer awe of the beauty all around us.

I’m letting go of Atlanta, for now. A city that cleansed my spirit and brought me back to life and for that Atlanta will always be my HOME. I’ve met such incredible and beautiful people here, many who I’ve been blessed to connect with on deep levels. I’ve learned so much about myself and others through the many experiences I’ve had here. Yet, I know this isn’t goodbye more like I’ll see you later...

At times letting go of our familiar environment, our comfort and security can be challenging and not the most comfortable path to take. Shit sometimes it’s scary. You are leaving the known for something unknown and that stuff can be frightening for our human side.

Yet despite fear, I know this is what needs to be done. Our job is to take responsibility for discovering what you believe and then taking action in support of those beliefs. I have to trust my inner guidance if I am true to live on purpose.

I don’t just want to move through the motions of life, I want to feel alive, awake in awareness to create with intention every day and for that, I must have enough courage to live authentically by listening and taking action on my inner voice. I know by now that Fear will always be there, remember courage is not the absences of fear, it is moving despite the fear, it is recognizing it but not allowing it to hold you in place.

Each of us has a ‘calling’ or even a few ‘callings’ within us to do ‘work’ that is a source of both personal and social meaning. A work that fills you up with passion, that you enjoy doing for its own sake and at the same time you feel that you’re making a valuable contribution to society or the world.

I know that when I am emotionally invested in the creative process of the life work I can become extremely powerful, in fact, we all can. This is why we are all here, to give the world something it needs. To add to the expansion of it, to contribute to others, society or improve the world in some way. Which is why it is imperative to listen and trust your voice, your inner voice is your internal guidance system. It is our map and it guides us on our path, revealing itself to us each time we move in the direction of our dreams.

I know my mission in this lifetime is to expand my perspective by encountering different people, cultures and belief systems and then grow from these connections. When I’m living in faith, following my purpose I then allow others the freedom to discover their own truth and there is nothing more important to me than being on purpose.

To live as my Highest Self and through it, show others their own divinity... The best ways for me to expand my perspective and gain wisdom is to travel, travel and travel. Which makes sense as to why my inner voice has been guiding and pulling at me to travel, for the last year. When I think about me backpacking across the country, venturing out into a bigger unknown; I can’t lie FEAR creeps up. Though I won’t let it hold me in place. I know this is the path I need to be on, it’s my path and I need to trust in myself and the Universe that I’m walking towards my purpose and that as I walk; the way will reveal itself to me.

And as I venture out in the world to follow my inner voice, I urge you to trust your inner voice and follow it where ever it may lead you to. At the end of the road, you will have known what it means to truly LIVE.



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