How to Learn to Go with the Flow

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Today’s observation and realization... For me to really make the kind of shift that I desire in my life then I have to live, breath and act upon what I say that I feel and believe. Getting aligned with myself means I have to start experiencing things differently; from a higher perspective, that means letting go of the old and moving towards what my recent expansion has caused me to become in which I now noticed that I’ve been resisting. I need to learn to let go of attachments truly let go, not just speak of letting go but actually living it; as the greatest teachers in history have led by example.

I realize that I need to move into everything that I am choosing to create which is then causing me to expand and when that happens I need to learn how to just flow by letting every experience that is meant to come to me, come, yet do not hold on it, just appreciate it for what it is. I am starting to gain much more clarity as the days roll in.

My greatest asset to myself is that I move into action the moment I decide on what I want and I am able to dive into what is that I am trying to create and that where I am choosing to go. I will no longer try to force things to happen, only will I put my intentions and desire out into the Universe and then I will wait as the experiences begin to pour in. I will move through each experience the Universe brings my way without resistance because I have a KNOWING of where I am going that it cannot be denied and it is through my KNOWING that I am the creator and controller of my reality then can I truly appreciate, understand and flow with ease through life.

Everything right now is exactly the way it's supposed to be.

You are rushing into what you know is coming but then you’re not enjoying the fun experiences along the way; which either way-are all part of the bigger experience you want to experience so you might as well enjoy the experiences without the resistance which cause you all the unnecessary stressors. In the end, you will get to where you are trying to go but letting go will make the experience process much more enjoyable.

Stop analyzing everything and enjoy it for what it is: nothing more, nothing less.

Appreciate and see the beauty and opportunity in each experience.

Appreciate the knowing of the future yet stay fully in the present moment.

Know the future in your heart yet do not focus upon it so much to where it stops you from enjoying the present moment.



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