Dreams are often a manifestation of our subconscious. They occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep, and most of them are not remembered by the time you wake up. Some dreams are just a reflection of the events of the day, while others are more meaningful.

Then there are other types of psychic dreams such as:

Precognitive dreams: a dream that seems to have predicted a future event is identified as a precognitive dream. For example, dreaming about a friend you have not seen in years and then running into the person the next day.

Telepathic dreams: A dream where we may have touched the consciousness of another person and have accurately revealed his or her thoughts, actions or life situation is referred to as a telepathic dream. The dreaming mind may receive information about a loved one as far away as another country or as close as the next room. There is no distance or barrier between two close souls. Even those people who we are in constant contact with every day have secrets they withhold from us.

Many people travel in their dreams without knowing it’s happening. When we are asleep is the easiest time for our soul to take charge and go roaming around the world, into other dimensions, or into the spirit realm.

For some people, this may be a nightly occurrence, but when they awake he or she is unaware the soul has been wandering while the body is recharging.

Since I was young, I’ve received a lot of information and messages through my dreams My Angels and Guides have appeared to me in my dreams and given me information. I’ve found out my first boyfriend was cheating on me through a dream. When I lost touch with my father for a couple of years and couldn’t find him, I connected with him through a dream telepathically and soon after found him in waking life. My son came to me in a dream six years prior to having him. I have so many interesting stories with my dream.  I’m also aware that my soul travels pretty often. I do a lot of spiritual work and wandering of other dimensions that sometimes I recall but not often.

But in today's post, I’d like to share with you a very personal but profound dream I experienced a little over two years.

I got married in September 2016 but a month before this, in

In August of 2016, I fell pregnant. It was the strangest thing because at first, I was really happy, yet I felt that something was off and somehow, it just didn’t feel completely real. I actually recall saying “I feel like the egg hasn’t really attached” to my fiancé at the time.

One morning I woke from a dream: a black-cloaked man was chasing me. I was trying to run and escape from him, I even remember jumping through a window to get away but he just kept chasing. Eventually, he caught me. I stood in front of this tall black-cloaked figure whose presence felt like that of a man but I couldn’t see his face. The next thing I recall, I’m standing in front of him and he’s stabbed me. I looked down and saw a puddle of blood... and then I woke up.

I remember thinking “what the fuck was that” as it had felt like one of my spiritual dreams. I turned to my fiancé and shared the dream with him straight away. All too soon though, we had to start our morning. My fiancé went to workout and I went to have breakfast at the bakery one block from my house. After breakfast, I returned home and went to the bathroom. When I sat down I suddenly began cramping really, really badly. I yelled for my fiancé who came running into the bathroom puzzled and unsure of what was going on or what to do. My cramps started getting worse and as I looked down into the toilet I saw a puddle of blood. I just remember my fiance and I crying together whilst we experienced the miscarriage.

It was a very difficult yet bonding moment for the two of us to go through together.

A few days after the miscarriage, I had another dream: I was hanging out with all of these people, some familiar faces, some faces I didn’t know. I was sitting down talking to some friends when all of a sudden this really beautiful, blonde woman – who appeared almost angelic – got out of a white, luxury vehicle with a baby boy in her arms. She walked directly to me and handed me the baby. I held him and played with him, it felt good, familiar and warm. Then she came and took him away. I watched her as she walked back towards the car, feeling both sadness and happiness simultaneously.

When I woke, I just knew that this dream had everything to do with my miscarriage. I called my best friend to tell her about the dream and as I shared it with her I said “ you know this dream is very symbolic to me. I think I was carrying a boy. It showed me being given this baby boy and then him being taken away But I just know the dream was a message that my he would be given back to me. I recall my best friend who also has her own gifts proceeded to challenge me by telling me I was actually going to have a girl...

Fast forward to September: we had a week-long wedding of festivities in Miami which was wonderful. When my husband and I returned to Michigan after our wedding, his parents stayed with us for a few days and the day after they left we both fell violently ill with the Norwalk virus. This violent virus lasted a horrible 24 hours. It started with my husband throwing up nonstop to the point of my having to rush him to hospital. We didn’t end up leaving the hospital until 1:00 am in the morning and as soon as we got back to our house, I fell violently ill. It was awful. I was throwing up and experiencing all kinds of things. Not soon after, I wound up back at the hospital myself!

We spent the next day recovering and decided that, that weekend we were going away. We rented a house on the Lake to decompress and recharge from our wedding as well as the trauma we’d experienced just two months earlier with the miscarriage barely anyone knew about. It probably goes without saying that we really needed this mini getaway.

That weekend was so beautiful and peaceful. We played, we talked, we grilled, we canoed, we roasted marshmallows – it was so much fun. I remember one evening the sky was literally pink...we even have a picture to prove it! It was just what we needed.

A few weeks after our weekend at the lake house, the craziest thing happened: I started feeling weird and intuitively knew I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test without telling my husband and indeed, I was. I didn’t tell him right away as I wanted to wait before sharing the news since we had only very recently had the miscarriage.

I waited about three weeks to tell my husband I was pregnant. When I finally shared the news he was so overcome with joy he cried. Naturally, though, we were both nervous, on edge and now being extra cautious. I rested more and stopped working out.

Two months pass by and I find myself, once again, in the midst of a crazy, vivid dream being chased by the black-caped man. But this time, I chose not to run away. I remember I started calling out to my guides and this made me feel empowered. I started yelling “You’re not taking my baby this time! You’re not taking him!” All of a sudden I held a knife in my hands; this was not a regular-shaped knife, it was crescent-shaped. It was a very distinct knife.

I have to warn you now, the next part of this dream gets a little graphic....

The next thing I know I am in a room full of people sitting down. I started going around one by one cutting all of these peoples’ throats. It was intense and crazy. Then the black-cloaked man appeared, I ran towards him, removed his mask and slit his throat.

Then I woke from the dream. And the moment I did, I felt incredibly peaceful. I somehow knew that this dream, disturbing as it was, was a cleanse. A spiritual cleanse. And at that moment I just knew that this pregnancy was meant to be and that my baby was coming. I woke up my husband right away and shared the dream with him. I told him, “We don’t have to worry about the baby, this pregnancy is going to go through.”

How crazy is that?

And thereafter throughout my entire pregnancy, I received many more dreams regarding my son including little things I was worried about, were answered and/or confirmed in my dreams. I even had what felt like a being from another dimension who appeared half-human, half not; visit me to give me information about my son. ( the dream little distorted which tends to happen when you are actually soul traveling)

And indeed in July of 2017, I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Also, do you recall earlier when I shared with you how my best friend whose gifted challenged me on the idea that I was she felt I was having a girl, even though in my dream I saw a boy? This example right here also serves as a reminder to anyone reading this, of the importance of trusting your internal guidance. Believing what you know with you to be true within. Sometimes we are so used to seeking outside validation that it begins to distort our own guidance system.

Dreams are one of the many ways I receive information. I visit people in my dreams, I at times have precognitive dreams of things that happen after. And I must share that since I started coaching, I have been doing a lot more soul traveling, visiting my clients and working on them energetically with the aid of my guides.

At this stage, of course, I can’t yet control it and actually need to start doing a better job of protecting my energy. As you can pick up a ton of stuff through soul traveling. Although I am not doing this consciously, I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me.



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