What is Fear and How to Overcome It

What is F.E.A.R.?

False Evidence Appearing Real

Where does Fear come from?

Did you know that we are born with only two fears that are part of our DNA – fear of falling and of loud noises. These two fears are incorporated in the human DNA and have become a mechanism for survival which is passed to new generations. The single aim of these inborn fears is to keep humans alive and motivated in order to avoid potential dangers.

All other fears are learned patterns.

In the most recent issue of the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Previous research has shown how people develop fears after the first-hand experience of an aversive event— getting stung by a bee or being burned by a hot pan. In acquiring these fears, a process is known as fear conditioning, the brain’s amygdala plays a critical role. It turns out the brain areas that respond when fear is learned through personal experience are also triggered when we see someone else afraid.

Although fear is developed from first-hand experiences they really come down to our thinking pattern. Because even after getting stung by a bee or bitten by a dog, we still have the ability to decide what they will mean for us and how we will allow it to affect us in the future. The issue arises when most people, do not live at a high level of awareness therefore they live as the effect of the experiences. Yet most fears come from our thinking pattern and some of our thinking patterns are shared by mass consciousness. Fear shows up in thoughts that very self critical-wondering if your good enough if you’ve disappointed someone if you are loved...

Sometimes as we open up to a new relationship we come face to face with some of our fears we didn’t even know we had. When this happens don’t make yourself wrong for it, know that all your fears are telling you is that that is an area with you that needs light (love) a part of you that still lurks in the shadows.

How do you discover fear?

Look at some area of your life where you have a decision to make. Ask yourself if there are any reasons you do not feel free to make a decision to do what you want to do? Perhaps there is a fear that you don’t have enough money, a fear that you cannot make it on your own, fear of success of failure, fear of not being loved and accepted, etc...

Look at your decision and ask yourself what would you do if you knew you were totally safe and protected. What if you absolutely knew that the Universe was on your side guiding and supporting you if you knew you could trust your Higher Self, would you make a different decision?

Remember that often fear is disguised as logical and rational reasons as to why something cannot be done. It’s easy to disguise our fears, by blaming it on others, refusing to take responsibility, decide you're going to fail before you even attempt to do it, get angry and quit. We are always covering up our fears in many ways. Find out in what ways do you cover up fear?

Another way to discover fear is to take something that you want to create, but fear you cannot and list all the reasons why you cannot create it. Then, turn those reasons into positive statements as to why you CAN create what you want. This will allow you to discover your fears and at the same time bring light & love to them but changing them. Fear dissolves when we bring light to them through consciousness.

Ways to overcome FEAR.

Fear leads to worry, anxiety and indecision. Whenever you feel any of these emotions recognized that what you are experiencing is some type of fear.

Tony Robbins suggested this: Find something your more afraid of than your FEAR. I was able to do this when I decide to travel the world.

Second, to think back 50 years from now you are sitting and reflecting on your life, is this something you will regret not doing?

Third, find the why behind your wanting to do something. It has to be a strong enough why to get you moving, why is it a must, for you and not a should?

And last you if you want the benefits of something in life, you have to also want the sacrifice that comes with it. For instance, you want to have a nice body and be fit then you also have to want the discipline that comes with it, you have to want the early mornings or late night workouts, the pain of exercising and changing your eating habits, you have to want the consistency that is required to see the benefits, etc...

Sometimes we think we want something but really, what we want is just the result of what having that thing would give us. You want the result, not the process. Yet, unfortunately, if you want something you have to want the process of it as well, it goes hand in hand.

This is why it’s important to know why you want something, what is the deeper reason behind it because there are many ways you can have what you want, many ways to get your needs met...



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