How to Understand and Process Your Emotions


It was 6:30 am, I was in the kitchen when my husband walks in from the gym & starts saying “Don’t forget to order the gate for downstairs ....”  as he said this I notice myself getting tense and a little upset. Then as he’s about to cook his breakfast. He proceeds to say “Oh, these pots look so bad you need to throw them away and get new pots, it’s  kind of embarrassing”

I’m now starting to feel agitated, thinking to myself “Really, you're fucking talking about pots & a baby gate at 6 am” As continued to speak  I noticed how agitated and anger I was starting to feel.

But recently I've been actively digging deeper into the inner work around my triggers when it comes to my husband and I’ve also been grounding my energy more. 

So that morning, I had enough awareness & was grounded in my energy, that I was able to WAIT & notice...

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Are you Asking the Right Questions?

"Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." –Tony Robbins

Questions, in general, are quite powerful, because they focus our attention. The most effective leaders make it a practice to ask questions but the biggest difference between great leaders and YOU is one simple distinction. That is-that they ask “quality” questions, that invite exploration. And that is something you can do, you just need to be asking the right questions, quality questions?

We are all asking ourselves questions every day, most of the time were not even aware of their effect. Yet, our personal view of reality is determined by what we focus on. Questions not only have a dramatic effect on everything we do in life but they are one of the fastest ways we can shift to a more empowering and resourceful mindset. 

Quality questions are authentic, they might be posed to gain specific information, to understand...

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Buried Feelings Bringing Them to Light

Yesterday I learned that my dad has cancer and I don’t know how to feel about it. I’ve become so good at being very neutral in life because you think what’s the point. What’s the point of it all–of getting all worked up about things you have no control over... Instead, I’ve learned to focus only on the things I have control over.

You have no control over someone’s illness, natural disasters.

You can’t control death.

You can’t control how someone feels or what someone does.

We spend so much time suffering.

We suffer by ourselves and for ourselves.

We suffer for others and we suffer for the world.

Much of my time growing up was spent suffering over things I had no control over. The pain I felt from those around me, from the world and from my own pain.

Today I still feel the pain of it all but the difference is I no longer suffer over it. As a famous saying goes, “pain is inevitable suffering is optional” and that is a...

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Be Still & Know That There's God

Where shall I start, I’ve had so many amazing and fascinating things unfold recently that I am not sure where I should begin writing, so I am just going to flow with whatever comes through first on these pages...

I know its best if I write every day as my experiences occur yet I haven’t been able to work up the discipline fully to be focused enough to write daily. Having so many things conspiring in my life that I haven’t had much energy left to document it on the spot because I’ve been busy experiencing it fully.

Today I am feeling happy, excited, anxious, overwhelmed yet intrigued, concerned and sadden yet the strongest of all feelings that I am currently experiencing in conjunction with all those feelings is a sense of PEACE and KNOWING that everything is exactly the way it is intended to be. I am exactly where I need to be. Everything is just perfect in the GRAND SCHEME of things. Despite the things that occur in our lives, even the ones that may not...

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Awareness Life Process

It’s amazing how perfect our world really is, everything has been created to perfection with OUR energies and most of us don’t even realize the magic, beauty and the infinite connection we have with source energy. The energy of creation never stops, it is infinite.

The documentary The Black Whole touches on this subject from a scientific perspective.

Nassism Haramein Explains –

“ Atoms are made of 99.99999% space, so it turns out that what we call reality is mostly space with a little bit of a jiggle—a little vibratory fluctuation or, as described in quantum theory, a waveform generating what we call atomic structure.”

More and more people are starting to awaken, to question by looking within for answers, throwing out old thoughts, beliefs and creating new ones.

The shift is taking place for those who chose to recognize it and move towards it. I am grateful, excited and appreciative that I am to be able to witness, feel and experience it in...

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Afraid of Change - Change is Who You Are

We are all looking and searching in one way or another trying to find our happy center and what I like to call our true authentic happiness. One that is yours, based solely on YOU and not based on anything outside WHO YOUR ARE.

Yet many of us live by these mantras, we tell ourselves & identify with “I am who I know, I am what I do or I am what I have” Most of us operate from one of these internal mantras.

You may not even be aware of it and even if you are aware of it, you may not want to accept that you are operating from one of these places.

As it's become a familiar place, a place where you feel the most confidence. It’s a place that gives you reassurance, where you excel the most. This is a place from which you receive most of your happiness.

But there’s a catch 22; no matter how great it feels, it is not real.

Those “things” people, money, jobs, titles and stuff. Those “things” that provide you most of your happiness can...

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Non-Attachment Equals Freedom

I believe that one of the greatest causes of suffering is attachment.

The more we can learn to let go of the old and known while embracing change, we make room for new things to come into our experience. But it is our attachments that create our struggles and therefore so many of us associate growth with struggle.

Although most people do grow through struggle there is another way to grow...

But it's a choice we have to make consciously.

We can easily grow through joy and appreciation but that involves making changes, knowing when to let go of things that no longer serve you, being open to learning something new and accepting new forms of perspectives and people into your life.

We attach ourselves to things because we feel that it’s the best we will ever get.

I remember when I got into my first serious relationship at eighteen. After almost four years of being in that relationship and knowing deep down that, I was no longer happy nor fulfilled by it.

Yet, I couldn’t...

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It’s Not About LUCK, It's About Choices

“Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You’re lucky,” some have said to me, “you get to travel the world, I wish I could do that...” How are you doing it without working?

Sorry to break it to you lovely folks, LUCK has nothing to do with it.

Life isn’t about being lucky or unlucky, it’s about choices, prioritizing, it’s about it is a MUST for you, and then it’s about having the courage to move in the direction of those things you say you want despite not knowing how it will all work out.

When I made the decision to leave everything behind to explore the world and myself, it wasn’t luck. It was a decision I made. I felt this huge desire within me to travel. I always knew I wanted to travel but only this time my spirit was yelling at me, urging me to follow this desire. It whispered to me from within that through taking this path; the things...

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How to Be Introspective

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you
decide to be.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self Reflection is an important tool that can be used in the process of Creating Within. Yet often most of us don’t spend enough time doing it. Go beyond the surface and into the depth of our core. This is necessary if we are to become the best version of ourselves and obtain all that we can dream up within...


Introspection: A looking inward; specifically, the act or process of self-examination.


  1. the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
  2. an image; representation; counterpart
  3. fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration
  4. a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

“When someone reflects, he carefully examines the facts as they are available to him from the environment and try and understand why things pan out in a certain way. An introspection, on the other hand, is a personal and philosophical...

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Am I Looking for Someone to Love or Someone to Love Me?

The whole time you’re looking for someone to love you - you are coming from a place of lack, need, insecurity and void. This is why you attract what you call the “wrong people” although they aren’t wrong because indeed they are matching your vibration, the frequencies you are emitting...

You are simply attracting what you don’t prefer because you are not in alignment with yourself. When you are looking for someone to love you, the root emotion behind that is one of lack.

A need to have something you think you need in order to fill something within yourself, and thus the thought of looking for someone to love you is the act of trying to fill the void through another.

So how do you know when you are looking for someone to love you?

When you find yourself saying I need someone to understand me, to accept me and truly love me. But what you are really saying is YOU want to love you, YOU want to understand you, YOU want to accept yourself but it is...

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