How to Know Yourself Better To Live Better

It's important to recognize who we are, without being too egotistical or too humble. It is about living the middle path (balance). See a lot of us have a sense of who we are, we’ve observed ourselves in many different situations, and we have an idea of how we react, we know our habits to an extent and how we use our time, etc... And most of us have a vision of who we want to be, the type of body we would like to have, how much money we would like to make, how we would like to react to certain situations. These things that make up the vision of ‘who we want to be’ are called images. We will discuss more the images and internal pictures that we carry around, in another article but for now, let's explore why it’s crucial and how YOU can get to know yourself better.

To ask yourself an important question ‘Who am I?’ for without knowing who you are, it is easy to drift through life, unable to clearly sense nor interpret the energies around you. Knowing...

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