How to Manifest Your Desires

Intention-> Direct Focus -> Concentration -> Surrendering

Manifesting your desires requires that you get very clear on what you are wanting to manifest and the motivation behind your desire for something.

Everything that we want in life is ultimate because we are trying to feel better so the clearer we get on the motivation, on the (WHY) behind our desire, the easier it will be too manifest.

A lot of times we want something but there are a lot of negative beliefs surrounding the things we are trying to bring towards us. This leads us to have very conflicted unclear emotions which means we are usually then sending out two different vibrational signals towards the very thing we are trying to attract to us...

Remember where focus goes energy flows, so if your focus and energies are opposing each other it makes it more difficult for you to line up with what you truly want.

Before you can even begin to manifest you have to clear out your motivational mechanism and ensure that...

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