Do you struggle with anxiety, letting go, always needed to try and make things happen? 

A little over two years ago, I had to learn the value of spiritual surrender and by no means was it an easy process when I was going through it. But I will say it is one of the most enriching experiences, it taught me a lot and once I gave into the process, it actually became fun.

My process of spiritual surrender began when

 I returned to the states after spending a little over a year traveling solo around the globe. It was a huge adjustment for me.

Just imagine being in a different country and city every couple of weeks. On the constant move, always experiencing something new, meeting different people, living moment to moment without any responsibility.

To all of a sudden, I found myself back in Miami living at my mother’s house (which btw I had been on my own for the last seven years)  starting all over again. At least...

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