How to Trust your Inner Voice Despite Fear

Dear InnerWorld,

I’m sitting outside of Starbucks with the sun shining on me, there is a nice breeze and just the right amount of heat on my face. It is quiet today no one is sitting outside and the only sounds you hear are those of passing cars. I enjoy being outdoors especially when the sun is out. I can’t express enough how something as simple as the sun, can bring so much pleasure.

There are many changes taking place in my life, though I always welcome and embrace change it’s not always the easiest path. Last night it started to hit me. When I officially told my landlord that I was moving out at the end of this month. The realization of leaving and releasing all the final pieces of my life began to set in...

As I sat in bed, I turned over to Mr. Buddha who was laying down. He looked at me and my eyes began to tear up. Knowing that soon we’ll no longer be together. Every time I look at him it's heart-breaking. To know that I have to let him go, after six...

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