I trust my feelings; I celebrate my emotions and sensitivities, knowing they are a part of my divine, sacred beauty.

Are you a Spiritual Finder?

Spiritual Finders are the one's that go beyond engaging in an informational process, they take the process to an emotional level. They want more than to “understand;” they want to “live” and “experience” their lives differently.

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Welcome to CreatingWithin, the place to get in tune with your inner world.

I'm Stephanie a Spiritual Intuitive Coach. Goddess of Emotions,  Your Queen of Cups. 

It is my mission to give YOU back to Yourself, to show you how to come back home. 

By helping you feel and move through your unprocessed emotions, showing you 'how" to do the REAL inner work, so that YOU can redefine what it means to be yourself, realign with your Highest Souls purpose and  live in flow. 

This is the journey of becoming YOU.




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