Free Spirited. Clairsentience. Spiritual Coach

My passion lies in helping women understand their inner world and how it affects their external world. I enjoy finding and connecting the series of “dots” that define me and others, learning how we are naturally wired up.

A Snapshot into my life:

I'm Cuban-American. An Independent thinker preferring to go against the grain in a somewhat unconventional quest for knowledge and expression. I am one who is in touch with reality yet drawn to a world of mystery and what some may call fiction. I am one who wishes to give myself to all yet to no-one.

I'm a mother to a beautiful baby boy who came to me in my dreams 6 years prior.  I’ve been spiritually aware and attuned since I was a child, I am what you call a Clairsentience, which literally means clear sensing, clear feeling. On a deeper level, it is the ability to perceive what is not perceivable.

As a Clairsentience I have the ability  to feel and experience energy in an intuitive way. This energy stream includes places, people’s feelings, spiritual insights, tuning into past, present, and even future energetic possibilities. I have a natural ability to understand human behavior, understanding people without having to know them or spend a great deal of time interacting with them. I can usually always get to the core issue in any situation.

As a child, I felt way too much, I knew things that I didn’t know how I knew them.  I was that friend, that felt more like a parent; I could always see and feel beyond what was and would try to advise my friends and sometimes forewarn them of things that later would come to passing but that didn’t always go well.  Because who wants a parent as a friend growing up? Which made it difficult for me to relate to others, so you can say I felt very alone and misunderstood growing up. 

I  am a woman who is in tune, I’m not afraid of change,  and  I have been able to manifest all the things I’ve envisioned and wanted thus far. I started CreatingWithin as a personal blog + youtube channel in 2011 for the purpose of sharing my own personal inner work as I traveled within my inner world.

In 2014, I decided that I needed to shake things up in my life and move the energies around if I wanted to bring about new changes into my life. At the time,  I had a great job working with Grey Goose as an event manager. I was able to work from home & attend glamorous events, meet a ton of celebrities and amazing people. But after four years of doing it, I no-longer had a passion for it. I felt stagnant in my life, I needed more depth, freedom, adventure and most of all I yearned to connect with myself in a deeper way.

I chose to sell everything I owned,  quit my job and decided to travel the world alone for a little over a year with only $10,000, no real plan expect to let my intuition guide me.  All in all during that time – I traveled to 11 countries & over 22 cities. Where I stayed in Bali for five months, before it became the "Hot Spot" it is today.

2015 I met my husband + I decided to get off all social media platforms.

2016  I got married + moved to a new city

2017  Gave birth to my baby boy + got back on Social Media.

In 2018, I officially started my coaching practice (a HUGE dream realized) #grateful For years, I held myself back from stepping into this role. Despite how many times spirit tried to lead me here, tried to bring  me opportunities.  I would constantly get in my own way, because I was consumed with self doubt and lack of self belief. 

Yet, literally, the moment I stepped into faith around my purpose, let go of the “how” and just starting moving everything in my business began to unfold effortlessly.
The clients began to show up, my process for how I do things began to develop and before I knew it, like magic, I knew exactly what I did, how did it and who I did it for. 
And today, I can say with completely certainty that the work I do is powerful, transformative and it's needed. 


My Process

Allows women to become more emotionally and spiritually authentic, drawing to them relationships + experiences that serve their highest and deepest being. I do this by showing them how to feel, process, release and transform all of their unprocessed emotions, past experience while helping them integrate their shadow.




Prior to working with Stephanie I felt stagnant and stuck, my energy was scattered. I was anxious and afraid of sharing my light with others. I had a lot of emotional blockages that sabotaged me from experiencing all the good that the universe had in store for me. I am a recovering creative who was afraid to be seen. I knew it was time to take action because I wanted to focus on owning my personal power and that’s where Stephanie comes in. 

Since working with her I am not afraid to show up authentically anymore. With this, I am able to honor my truth and finally feel like I can be grateful for all the good things I’ve attracted into my life! I healed my relationship with my boyfriendI finally started my Conscious campaign for creatives and have truly tapped into all the power that I have within. Also attracting the job that I set my intention to have at the beginning of the program! 

What I love the best about her is how accepting and patient she was with me. She never took things too seriously and always radiated her love and light every session! I felt like I had known her forever, always encouraging me to vocalize any questions and concerns even if they sounded like I was insane hahahaha. I feel like after working with her, I have this source of love and light from afar that helps me remember that even through I don’t understand myself in certain situations, there is someone out there that does! 

Stephanie has so many spiritual tools and wisdom under her belt that not a lot of coaches take the time to think about/have. She connects with others in a very loving manner. I would recommend her services mainly to women who are serious about creating the life that they’ve always wanted. Women who are struggling to own their power in all forms. If you are considering working with Stephanie know that there will be so much fear and resistance to doing this work! But focus on the process instead of the end result. Be compassionate with yourself, the release work can be emotionally exhaustive. Make sure you take good care of yourself.

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Working with me is NOT for the faint of heart, this is not for the curious only for those who are ready to dive deep, do the inner work,  and come back home to themselves. Understanding that there is not a destination to get to expect that your life will forever be changed.


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